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Is a feeling of sadness, loss of interest in activities, low motivation and difficulty in finding pleasure .

This can be caused by

  • life challenges, bereavement, loss

  • loneliness

  • hormonal issues

  • menopause

  • thyroid dysfunction

  • gut dysfunction

To address this we need to find out the cause or causes through a consult and further testing which may involve bloods or a stool test. Treatment options may be BHRT , supported changes to diet , lifestyle and perhaps some mind body therapies if needed .

Book now to look at what might be going on or to have a chat about what can be done to help.


Anxiety is a feeling of worry unease about something in future

but what is the cause ?.

  • Actual current life challenges. Here we can look at some therapies that help rebalance things , coaching, heart math and yoga , meditation and advice on diet and exercise can really help.

  • Hormonal issues can also cause anxiety especially in the menopause.

  • Adrenal fatigue and thyroid dysfunction can similarly cause problems like anxiety.

  • testing to look at all these areas to rule out these as a cause ( or factor) in your anxiety is important. then we go about helping to reset or replace with BHRT to reset the balance.

  • Life changes such as diet,exercise, supplements

  • Gut dysfunction which has an affect on the brain can also cause anxiety as the gut produces neurotransmitters

  • Testing the gut and addressing dietary and lifestyle factors and treating any imbalance or disease will repair and heal the gut and help with symptoms .

  • or a combination  of the above and more …..

If you need some help teasing out why, get in touch.



Loss of energy and fatigue is becoming a major symptom presentation in the 21st century .


Again this could be caused by a multitude of factors and things like stress, adrenal and hormone imbalance, thyroid dysfunction .

By testing and treating the root cause we can look at resetting and rebalancing to regain your energy and vitality .

Gut Issues

Hippocrates said "all disease begins in the gut". The gut is the ‘first’ brain . we feel things in our gut and the gut has a big impact on how we feel( it produces neurotransmitters). When we look at gut disorders we need to take into consideration what is going on inside, but also what is going on externally.  


Stress, trauma and overstimulation of the sympathetic nervous “fight or flight” system and under stimulation of the vagal nerve -the rest and digest system and will cause gut problems.


Other factors such as diet, lifestyle, infections and sleep will have an impact. 

‘listen to your body when it whispers so you don’t have to hear it when it screams”