About Me

As a conventional NHS doctor working in a variety of specialties before becoming a Gp , there had always been a gap of what conventional medicine had to offer, what the NHS could provide , what patients needed and what I wanted to offer for ideal Care.

Through my own health Journey and seeing hundreds of patients over the years my frustration with the current medical care of treating illness with medication and not looking at root cause grew. I began looking elsewhere and have developed my knowledge in many arenas in the hope that my toolbox is full for what each individual might need .

My training in functional Medicine brought me further into being able to properly address what was the cause of disease. I have been working with bioidentical hormones in a specialist clinic for the past 3 years which allows me to use this approach and more fully address my patients needs . Over the years I have done lots of work on the psychological basis of illness and especially interested in how stress and trauma affects the body and the mind . More recently the field of energy medicine has become part of my work . Knowing and seeing that thoughts and feelings create emotions and chemicals that can influence disease ( or wellness) gives another perspective on how we can start to heal .


My consultation is to provide a holistic approach and to look at all these areas . The main problem with modern day life and modern health care is the lack of time, lack of connection and lack of listening and support . Just allowing someone to be seen and heard is often enough to start the healing process .

We will look at all aspects of your health and wellbeing and combine conventional /functional medicine and lifestyle approach to start you on your journey back to wellness .


This may incorporate testing with bloods, hormone testing, adrenal male and female hormones and thyroid, gut testing and more.

Each system has an impact on another gut dysfunction can affect hormone regulation and mood and hormone dysfunction can affect a host of other systems . It's important not to look at one area in isolation and also to take into account the lifestyle / background and history around stress and trauma to fully address and treat what's going on.

Meeting my client where they are at and helping, supporting and guiding them back to health with a very honest, heart felt connection is my aim. My own health struggles and journey over the years has given me the best training ( experience rather than knowing ) to help others .

It's about knowing it with your head, feeling it in your heart and then being it in your body .


Education and understanding of what is actually going on is a  key part of moving forward and learning to listen to our bodies. We hold all the answers but often have been taught to or lost the ability to think with our heads and override our body's natural ability to tell us what it needs.


‘listen to your body when it whispers so you don’t have to hear it when it screams”

Background training


  • Conventional medicine NHS 1997- present

  • General Practitioner 2008 - present

  • Functional medicine 2004 - present

  • Bioidentical hormones 2016 - present

  • Associate General Practitioner trainer 

  • Medical General Practitioner appraiser

  • Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice  2017

  • NLP practitioner ( Richard Bandler )

  • Family constellation training with svatigo  

  • Brandon Bays the journey training

  • Medical acupuncture training BMAS

  • Body activation ( Douglas Heal level 1 and 2)

  • Progressive and advanced workshops with Joe Dispenza

  • Heartmath practitioner training

  • IV vitamin training with intravita