Functional Medicine

Functional medicine is a patient centred medical healing model that looks and treats illness with a holistic but science based approach. It deals with root cause and fixing imbalance and dysfunction. It aims to restore the body to optimal function and not just treat symptoms but find the reason for illness and address that.

The functional medicine approach is based on looking at removing toxicity, improving digestion, replacing deficiencies and restoring balance in the Body to restore optimal health.

Functional medicine treats the person behind the disease and not just the symptoms and offers an integrative approach that the bodily systems work together and not as separate entities. Dysfunction in one bodily system is usually linked to another. For instance depression and anxiety may often be linked to gut dysfunction and inflammation. Initial appointments last up to an hour and a half for full history and timeline to give a precise picture and implement a treatment plan.

If you feel you may benefit or just want to have a chat regarding your health issues and if functional medicine is for you, please contact me